Took off from ABQ after the storm passed on Monday, ran into a biker from St Loius before I took off down NM 117 from US 40 who rode through it coming in from TX and said he hit hail; glad I stayed put. Heard from others on down the road in AZ that it was a pretty unusual event, still saw big water puddles and wash across the roads two days later.

48. La Ventana Natural Arch NM 117.JPG

49. La Ventana map NM 117.jpg
Stayed at Reed's Lodge in Springerville, AZ and snatched the shot of the area from their room directory; recommended place to stay if ever there. Climbed outta the valley and up to Apache National Forest and froze my ass off till the top at Forest Lakes but what a grand sight!

50. White Mountains from Reed Lodge

51. Reeds Lodge Guest Service Directory.jpg

52. Springerville area map.JPG

53. Apache National Forest.JPG

54. AZ 260 W at Forest Lakes campground.JPG
Heard on the news that the Verde River flooded, looked fine when I went through there. Jarome, AZ kinda reminded me of Virginia City, CA but higher up and not as much fun?
55. Verde Valley from just above Jerome AZ.JPG
Went through Prescott, AZ and got lost but directed by locals through county road back towards Aguila, AZ where I stayed. Prescott is scattered across the top of a mountain, where the rich AZ people stay in the summer I suppose.

I landed in Aguila after finally coming down from 8000' and finding the first oasis and that it was. Stayed at Burro Jim's motel where they had carports for every room. Never seen that before. Went to take off the next day around lunch and ended up Nancy the maid/groundskeeper/handy(wo)man and Marvin the truckdriver were kinda waiting to go eat with me at the Two Pelicans bar/restaurant. Best brunch I had the whole trip! Rancher from Montana bought the bar, hired a b---- manager and raised prices for drinks and so the locals don't go there so much anymore. Still a cool place and recommended stop. Aguila is named after Eagle Eye Mountain but the picture I took doesn't do it justice: there's a distinct hole in the top of it that doesn't come through clearly in the pic taken from in front of Two Pelicans. The truck in the pic of Burro Jim's and Two Pelicans is Marvin's, he was waiting for a load of refrigerated goods to take from the local farmers at 3p. I bought him and Nancy lunch just for being such hospitable people to a complete stranger.

56. Eagle Eye Mtn from Aguila AZ.JPG

57. Burro Jims & Two Pelicans in Aguila AZ.JPG

58. Parker Dam.JPG

59. Parker Dam downstream.JPG

60. CA AZ border below Parker Dam.JPG
Never heard of Parker Dam before, it's about 50 mi or so below Hoover Dam. Beautiful recreation area. Rode across it and yakked with the security guy on the CA side, told me I couldn't see the river as much down the CA side and have to wear a helmet so just turned around and went back down the AZ side to ride for one last time after 4 weeks without the lid. You can see my feelings about that when I was welcomed back to CA.
61. Welcome to CA helmet.JPG

Ran into some roadwork on the way to 29 Palms that was a result of the storm and took a picture of the slow/stop guy taking a picture of me as I was the most interesting thing all day; his name was Harley, his dad and uncles all had Harley's. Too bad the mirror didn't catch the awesome sunset up there.

62. strange sight in Colorado Desert.JPG

63. CA 62w sunset.JPG

64. CA 62w Harley roadworker.JPG

Stayed in Twentynine Plams for the night. Always wondered how it got its' name, guy at the hotel I stayed at said there really were 29 palms around the original oasis. Quite a bit of military stuff out that way and all the way back to Tehachapi. Twentynine Palms really got on the map as a place where WWI vets retired in the desert air to keep their lungs working the best they could after all the mustard gas.

Long ride the last day 62W->Joshua Tree->247N->Victorville->(took a wrong turn and ended up in Barstow instead of Lancaster but at least got to travel a part of Rt 66 I'd never been on before!)->58W->Mojave (highway shut down in opposite direction, went past a CHP crash scene but nobody in town knew what happened, traffic backed up for MILES at 395 jct)->Tehachapi->Bakersfield (still enough light left to get an oil well picture!)->Buttonwillow (food and fuel) then made the executive decision to go for home up 5N->152W->101N->680N and got in around 2a or so and stayed up writing the notes from the last 3 days!

65. El Rancho Dolores room.JPG

67. Triksie at Porter Land No 3.JPG

Triksie didn't move for a month but she's all lubricated
and shined up and now ready for the next adventure...

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